What is LASC?

The Latin American Space Challenge (LASC) is a three-day series of events which will set the background and provide structure for the Latin America’s largest experimental rocket engineering competition. 

Mission & Vision

The Latin American Space Challenge (LASC) has a mission to motivate people from all latin american countries to develop and launch a rocket with a smallsat as a payload.

The vision of the LASC is provide motivation to latin american students and enthusiasts to pursue their dream despite their countries conditions.



The first annual Latin American Space Challenge successfully occurred on August 09 – 11, 2019 in Tatuí, São Paulo, Brazil, 

  • More than 350 participants;
  • Divided on 25 teams;
  • From 5 different countries; and
  • 12 high-power experimental rockets launched. 

The Latin American Space Challenge in the national and international media: